Grow your business in Japan!

Fully Performanced Based.
Direct ROI.
No Fixed Fees.


Japan's most advanced
iGaming, FX and Sports Betting ASP.

マネークリック公式キャラクター is a high tech (‘software as a service’) Japan focused bi-lingual affiliate service provider.

We offer a competitive result-driven program for merchants in industries such as online gaming, fx and sports betting.

Our platform offers a wide range of latest features to ensure maximum results as well as “Instant Payment” possibilities – the only platform to do so in Japan.

What Makes Us Different?



Leverage Advanced Technology

Our innovative, data-driven, multi-channel solutions open the door to unlimited opportunity by connecting you with Japan based customers.

Intuitive and Advanced platform

Integrate with our easy-to-use bi-lingual platform that makes it simple for you to focus on what matters most: growth.


Flexible Commission

Sliding scale structure
Daily/Monthly total amount of NGR.
Daily/Monthly total number of players who placed deposit first time.

Commission Groups
Set up commission groups for specific affiliates. e.g. Set higher commission for VIP affiliates


Payment Options

Moneclicks allows to display the report and invoice with multi-currency, we can pay affiliate commission to affiliates with their requested currency.

Monthly payment
Receive monthly invoice on the 1st day of month and pay us by 10th of month.


Custom Links

Link Builder
Link builder feature allows Affiliates to generate rotating banners, auto-links scripts and cloaked links for SNS marketing. These links helps affiliates work not on only websites and blogs but
also on SNS services such as Twitter, Youtube, or even messenger apps.


Most Cost Effective Platform in Japan

  • Pay on performance only. Pay only when you get results from Moneclicks.
  • Zero – $0 – initial cost and/or fixed fees.

Fully Bi-Lingual Interface

User-friendly bi-lingual dashboard for both foreign companies and Japanese affiliates. Easily switch between languages.

Motivated and primed Affiliates

Thousands of experienced, skilled and motivated Japan focused affiliates that are are specialised in sports betting, fx and gaming.



Flexible Campaign Offerings

In addition to providing NGR (Net Game Revenue) rewards, Moneclicks can support various campaigns to increase the number of registered users. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Lead Acquisition Campaigns

You can also freely set rewards for lead acquisition. We can work with you to decide the right amount of commission reward to incentivise affiliates.

Multi tier support.

Entice and encourage your affiliates to promote campaigns with Multi tier support up to 3 deep.


Affiliate Marketing via SNS channels
Further increase your sales.


“Japan’s No.1 Twitter affiliate platform with over
10,000+ highly influential affiliates”

Influencer Marketing

While other affiliate platforms have SEO and PPC affiliates, we have also been focusing on Social Network Affiliates.

We especially prioritize Twitter in Japan because of its power and speed to spread information and mode of communication.



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